A patient-centric approach to care.

If you suffer from advanced stage arthritis, pain that interferes with the enjoyment of life, affects your ability to work, or requires you to rely on the assistance of a device to walk, then our advanced Joint Replacement Programs may be your best solution.

Whether you choose our Inpatient or Outpatient Program, you’ll be in the care of the region’s top surgeons using the latest techniques to ensure the best possible outcome for your recovery.

Inpatient Joint Replacement Program

For those who choose our Inpatient Joint Replacement Program, you’ll spend just one or two nights recovering at the hospital of your choice before returning to your home, where home nursing will continue to monitor your progress and provide aid over the following two weeks. If short-term inpatient rehab is needed, your surgeon, hospital care staff and progress will determine this need at the time of your hospital discharge. Once you’ve had your follow-up with your physician, we can then determine your progressive rehabilitation needs.

If Inpatient Joint Replacement is the best option for your recovery, you can choose from any of the following hospitals for your surgeon-specific knee, hip, ankle, wrist, shoulder or elbow procedure.

  • Mount Nittany Medical Center
  • Tyrone Hospital
  • Geisinger Lewistown
  • UMPC Altoona
  • Nason Hospital
  • JC Blair Hospital
  • Penn Highlands Healthcare

Outpatient Joint Replacement Program

For patients who are candidates for our unique Outpatient Total Joint Replacement Program, you’ll benefit from the the most advanced anesthetic techniques to provide manageable pain recovery in your home just 3-4 hours after surgery. This revolutionary program is receiving outstanding reviews for patient satisfaction and quality outcomes by minimizing the chances of complications, reducing infection rates and reducing costs.

To find out if you’re a candidate for our same-day surgery Outpatient Total Joint Replacement Program for knees, hips and shoulders, talk with your UOC surgeon today. We’ll help you better understand the benefits of our program options and determine which is right for your procedure.