Effective May 31st, UOC has closed its Windmere location and relocated our providers to the Regent Court State College location.

Effective May 31st, UOC has closed its Windmere location and relocated our providers to the Regent Court State College location.

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About Us

Our Mission and Values

Our Commitment to Patient Care

Our mission is to deliver the best orthopedic care in the country.

Whether you are already under our care or if you are considering becoming a patient, we want you to feel reassured, informed, and supported by every single specialist and staff member you encounter at University Orthopedics Center (UOC). With teamwork, communication, accountability, and integrity, we are able to achieve this mission on a daily basis.

Our employees are passionate about the field in which they work and the patients of all ages and backgrounds they meet. Our team includes board-certified and fellowship-trained physicians, surgeons, physician assistants, physical and occupational therapists, clinical researchers, nurses, a complimentary workers’ compensation care coordination team, an osteoporosis expert, and a joint replacement coordinator.​ Working together, we are prepared to treat any condition as it relates to the musculoskeletal system: bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves. The affordable, full spectrum of care that we can provide makes it possible for your orthopedic condition to be thoroughly addressed.

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In order to deliver the best results, we remain committed to innovation, expansion, development, and improvement in all aspects of our evidence-based, research-driven practice. We also recognize the role we play in helping each patient accomplish his/her individual goals while taking into account their health-related needs and concerns; structure, guidance, and communication remain crucial to the treatment plans we offer and the high-quality level of care we provide.

UOC has been offering the best and most up-to-date orthopedic care to patients of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles within the Central Pennsylvania region since 1991. We are proud of our superior patient outcomes, the trust our community members and well-recognized sports teams have placed in us, and the high standards we continuously set for ourselves in both the clinical and the surgical settings.

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At UOC, we promise to not only treat you with respect and kindness, but also to consistently demonstrate to you our commitment to diagnosing, treating, rehabilitating, and even preventing your orthopedic condition. By closely reviewing your medical history, providing a thorough clinical examination, and requiring diagnostic testing only when necessary, you can trust our knowledgeable specialists at UOC to diagnose your condition with accuracy and compassion.

Our offices are centrally located in ten locations across the Central Pennsylvania region. For your added convenience, all nine are full-service locations, which means that they are equipped with the tools and resources our staff needs to make UOC as much of a one-stop-shop as it can possibly be.

Referrals are not required for a vast majority of services we offer. Same-day or next-day appointments are offered in our State College and Altoona locations so you can be seen sooner rather than later. However, no matter which office you visit, we like to emphasize that the sooner you are treated for an acute or chronic condition, the better. Please don’t let your pain linger or your concerns grow. Our friendly and professional experts are always here to help. In our opinion, “ouch” is a word you shouldn’t have to say—much less repeat—when it comes to any issue relating to your musculoskeletal system.

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It’s true that we care about our patients. It’s also true that we care about their pocketbooks. Our cost-effective services ensure that patients are not stymied from receiving the treatments they need due to the possibility of incurring unaffordable medical bills upon receipt. We accept most insurance plans, and we can work with you to address any billing-related questions, concerns, or issues you might have prior to your appointment.

If you choose UOC, you will have chosen wisely. For superior general and subspecialty orthopedic care that will give you the results that you expect and deserve, look no further and trust no orthopedic group more.