UOC has recently closed the Huntingdon location. Please call the office to schedule an appointment at a location closest to your home. Thank you, UOC

UOC Huntingdon location is permantly closed.

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Patient Resources

Post-Operative Information

Before surgery, your orthopedic surgeon at UOC will be sure to thoroughly explain the procedure, as well as what to expect afterwards to give you peace of mind. Upon surgery, you will be closely monitored in the recovery room. Our team will do everything to keep you comfortable during this time and give you further instructions regarding the do’s and don’ts, medications, dressings, exercises, and follow-up appointments once you are fully awake. Questions are highly encouraged at this time to ensure patient comprehension and clarity.

Listed below are all of our excellent orthopedic surgeons and their recommendations for post-surgery. We created this page for your convenience to visit and check out your specific physician’s instructions at any time.