Effective May 31st, UOC has closed its Windmere location and relocated our providers to the Regent Court State College location.

Effective May 31st, UOC has closed its Windmere location and relocated our providers to the Regent Court State College location.


UOC DuBois Patient, Gary A. Brasseur, Shares His Comeback Story After Surgery With Dr. McClellan

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to make you aware of my feelings following my total hip replacement at Penn Highlands on May 24, 2018. My surgery was performed by Dr. Chris McClellan in the short procedure outpatient area.

I readily admit the fact that my fear of hospitals and surgery caused my prolonged use of a hip that needed attention many years ago and nearly caused my good leg to have problems that could have debilitated me completely! Many people, friends and others recommended Dr. McClellan and University Orthopedics and told me to have the surgery done in Altoona, State College or Tyrone. Due to the fact I live 5 minutes from Penn Highlands, DuBois I opted to have it done there since Dr. McClellan had an opening then and I needed to have it done as soon as possible.

The entire experience from my first visit to Univsersity in Altoona through my discharge from Penn Highlands, DuBois on May 25th was exceptional! My operating room introduction to the anesthesiologists, nurses, surgeons and attendants through recovery and transport to the 5th floor was done with extreme professionalism. My 5th floor attention was also fantastic. The attention to detail such as cleanliness, consideration to patient well being, explanation of what was going to happen when anesthesia wore off, right down to lunch was again much more than I expected.

The second shift nurse, Laura Johnson, was very attentive and deserves to be acknowledged for her professionalism. The morning of the 25th I was asked how I was and it was further explained to me what was going to happen. Kim, the therapist, and her assistant had me perform some exercises ,made sure of my stability and walked me around the floor. I had lunch and was discharged.

The home care nurses, Kathy Graham and Andrea Kassab along with in home therapist, Tony Bertini has been another experience deserving of acknowledgement of the professionalism of all associated with my operation. I am also compelled to thank Suite 311, Brad Rickebaugh and University's entire staff in their office. Dr. McClellan's professionalism, bedside manner, total explanation of what would happen and his operating room work were outstanding. He should certainly be recognized and will be recommended by me to others with a situation such as mine.

When I returned to Brad to have my staples removed I met another man in the waiting room who had the same thing done as myself on the same day and said he experienced the same thing as I am writing to you.

My family and myself are very grateful for the entire staff that we came in contact with and want to express our thanks for having a positive experience with all concerned in my care.


Brad A. Brasseur

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