Patient Reviews

My daughter had surgery done on her wrist (cyst) removed. Her very first surgery. I'm so pleased with all the nurse's and Drs!! Everyone was so so nice

- Janelle B.

I received excellent service from the time I walked in the door; Receptionist, the doctor, xray tech, and checkout. I would highly recommend this practice as everyone was very concerned and caring.

- Barbara D.

Had foot surgery done by Dr. Bundy.. Great ortho surgeon and great post doctor afterwards.. I was so pleased with my bunion and hammer toe operation that I recommend Dr. Budny to a lot of my friends or even people who asked what I had done while walking in a surgical boot. He is a great asset to your UOC and much kudos for helping me!!!! Carol

- carol g.

If you are looking for the best orthopedic care in Central Pennsylvania, look no further! From the receptionists to the nurses to the Doctors all give you the same professional courtesy and care. I have had gel injections in my knees, and once they didn't work, they scheduled me for my first knee replacement. Since 2012, these people have unfortunately become a great part of my life, and I am fortunate they are there to have helped me.

- Justin A.

UOC has taken great care, from the spine team to Hand specialist, for my family members. Thank you all for making my family well.

- Carol K.

My Daughter and I have had several experiences with this office with Dr. Ellis which has been wonderful with our surgeries, appts and spending time giving us complete care and not rushing. We also have had Dr. Barter who has been great also. This office also has a great and friendly Staff. UOC is a great Orthopedic Center for all our needs. Thanks UOC !!!!!

- Tammy L.

I have never been to an office where all of the staff, from the receptionist to the nurses, PA's, x-ray techs, and doctors have always been friendly and patient! They always take their time with you, and help you with anything! I deal with Dr. Barter, and my father has seen Dr. Ellis. Both are incredible! I had surgery for the second time in the UOC Surgery Center, and the staff there is just as amazing!

- Chelsea D.

Dr. Ellis is absolutely amazing. Had hip surgery today 7/27/16 and doing well! He also did my shoulder 2 years ago and 8 hip injections! Also, Mark Maney, PA is awesome ! Both very reliable, informative, and professional. The nurses in the surgery center today are why I'm happy i pursued a nursing career. Very kind, comforting, and helpful!

- Jessica S.

I had rotator cuff surgery from Dr. Van Kleunen in September. I was so surprised in the six months under his care how I was treated. He treated me like a real person and he really did care. In six months I was back to work.

I told my friends and family what a caring person and top-notch doctor he was. My co-worker had his rotator cuff done and he is very satisfied also. My wife had a hip replacement.

I highly recommend Dr. Van Kleunen and his nurse, Terri, for the best care. I thank you for the fine care you gave me.

- Archie B.

For years, Reverend Warren Cravotta could only walk with the assistance of crutches and braces on both of his legs. He had gone through multiple knee surgeries for torn ligaments and a meniscal tear. The pain became so unbearable that he had to use hand controls while driving and a scooter to get around because his legs were so weak.

He finally decided to see an orthopedic specialist, Dr. Angela Rowe at University Orthopedics Center (formally Blair Orthopedics). Upon examination, Dr. Rowe instantly questioned why he was even in his braces. She explained to him that through medical device advances she could provide significant improvement to his condition. Amazingly, he was able to leave the office that day wearing only a small knee brace and carrying his crutches. After a few months of aggressive physical therapy and a series of injections in his knees, he no longer had to wear any braces or use crutches. Today, Reverend Cravotta is pain free, able to exercise on his own, and is enjoying riding his bicycle again. “I truly believe you have a group of caring physicians that listen and work with you. Dr. Rowe gave me back my life.”

- Warren C.

Laura Maiolo and Dr. Angela Rowe's relationship began in the spring of 2006. Laura had been having problems with her knee for quite some time. She had extreme difficulties walking up and down steps. Since the very first office visit, Dr. Rowe impressed Laura with her compassionate and caring attitude. "She immediately greeted me with a cheerful smile and extended her hand while introducing herself. Dr. Rowe sincerely listened to my concerns and really understood my pain and frustrations."

After reviewing an MRI of Laura’s knee and discussing Laura’s options, together they decided it would be best to schedule surgery. Laura was very nervous the day of her surgery; however, Dr. Rowe was very personable not only with her patient, but also with her family and their emotions. Laura is doing much better because of Dr. Rowe’s help and motivation. “I have had such a good experience having Dr. Rowe as my physician; we’ve already begun discussing surgery for my other knee."

- Laura M.

I had my right hip replacement in October, 2008. I was at my limit for pain for many months. I had my first appt in Aug, 2008 with Dr. McClellan. He was a gift. He told me I shld have the surgery and we scheduled for Oct. He is a wonderful surgeon and a good man. Brett, his PA Is another favorite of mine. I tell anyone I see suffering to call UOC. Had my left hip replacement in 2011. I also had carpal tunnel surgery in June, 2012 and in Oct. 2012. I am very vocal abt UOC and Brett and Dr. McCllelan--they have me back my life and are wonderful professionals and great human beings!!

- Judy S.